A listing of articles on the Connecting for Change Website

Post 2009 Dialogue

  • A Thank you from Dalai Lama Center Trustees
  • A Visual Summary
  • Participants’ Final Thoughts before leaving C4C
  • Participant Reflections (4.2 MB PDF) on Connecting for Change
  • Summary by Michael Jones, Participant
  • SAWA Heros Update (see downloads below)
  • Azim Khamisa’s Peace and Freedom Newsletter (see downloads below)
  • Charles Holmes, Life on Purpose

2009 Resources

  • 100 People – A World Project, Brad Davis
  • A Conversation with Peter Senge and Charles Holmes, Charles Holmes
  • Cambridge 100 Questions Project, Mike Peirce
  • Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for Change, Juanita Brown and Thomas Hurley
  • Creating a Story through Video, Jessica Fraser
  • Design with the Child in Mind, Raffi Cavoukian
  • Journeying Beyond Hope and Fear, Margaret Wheatley
  • NACODI brings hope to those in need in Uganda, Robert Kalyesubula
  • Questions for a New Narrative, Peter Block
  • Roots of Aliveness – Leading as a Living Process, Michael Jones
  • The Tyranny and Glory of the Imagination, Dawna Markova
  • Ubuntu Project – the Learning Journey and Connecting for Change, Ward Maillard
  • Vancouver Sun Article, March 31, 2009

2006 Resources

  • All In the Presence of the Dalai Lama
  • A Reflective Dialogue on Transforming Leadership, Charles Holmes and Michael Jones
  • Alcoa Connects with the Power of Youth
  • A Message From the Dalai Lama Center Trustees
  • Comments from Peter Senge, Peter Block and Peter Koestenbaum
  • Engaging Canadians in a National Dialogue on Canadian Foreign Policy
  • From Charles Holmes to His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama
  • Key Concepts defining the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education
  • Pivot Legal Society and Mountain Equipment Coop Exploring A Joint Venture
  • Seen and Not Heard, Deborah Alden