Connecting for Change 2009

Connecting for Change Dialogue 2009 took place in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, from September 26th to 28th.

Guided by world-renowned authors and change leaders Peter Block, Juanita Brown, Dawna Markova, Peter Senge and Margaret Wheatley, Connecting for Change engaged an invited group of business, social sector, and philanthropic leaders to learn with and from each other about how we can create new and advance existing cross-sector collaborations in service of addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

The Dialogue, which was part of the Vancouver Peace Summit: Nobel Laureates in Dialogue, provided a rare opportunity for this group of invited participants to meet privately with a group of distinguished international leaders and award recipients. Connecting for Change participants also attended several of the public Peace Summit events, which included an unprecedented line-up of highly respected luminaries and leaders from the realms of the arts, entertainment, social change, conservation, politics, education, business and other sectors.

To the Participants – What happens next?

Build on the momentum following Connecting for Change 2009 by bringing the dialogue back to your communities.

1. Host a Dinner Dialogue

Invite a group of people who may not otherwise meet together for an evening of community and dialogue. There are three basic ingredients – Come Hungry, Add in a Recipe for Change, Create a Question – and see what emerges. Find out more.

2. Join the Connecting for Change Group on LinkedIn to:

  • Continue the dialogue
  • Build and broaden connections
  • Showcase opportunities for collaboration
  • Ask questions and share insights
  • Make public your commitments and share your journey
  • Keep updated on Connecting for Change happenings

3. Share Stories

We learn, grow and connect through the collective power of storytelling. Share your stories of what has emerged for you as a result of the Dialogue and the connections that have been made. You can share them through the Linkedin group or on the Reflections page by sending us your photos, stories and insights. Participants are sending us their newsletters and articles, these are being posted on the Resources page.

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